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  1. Guyb93

    Will it work as I would like to rescue this fish

    I currently have a 12inch sailfin pleco that I rescued Somebody I know has a 5invh gold nugget pleco that is in a 3ft tank and the owner has no plans of upgrading and would like me to take the fish off his hands , How will my big sailfin take to the new member , I’m assuming unless it’s female...
  2. B

    Two Fish Addicts

    My husband, myself and I are fish addicts. We have 20 aquariums and four indoor ponds. I started off keeping goldfish and koifish in my indoor ponds. My husband started of keeping swordtails, guppies, platys, endlers, gold dust and sailfins in freshwater tanks. We now have black water tanks...
  3. LaurenRhiain

    Very Odd Question About Sailfin Molly

    I've had my Black Sailfin Molly since 24th Dec 2012 now and it shows some rather odd behaviour. Basically it chases my platies around for ages trying to eat their poo. It's not nipping at them or showing any aggression, it just seems to be after their waste. Is this normal as I've not seen any...
  4. Moolly

    Pregnant Sailfin Issues

    So I have a heavily pregnant sailfin, she is completely squared off and looks ready to pop. But the male just won't stop going after her. Ideally I'd like to put her in the nursery I have set up to make sure that both her and the fry are safe - but I don't want to stress her out even more!   I...