roseline sharks

  1. N

    HI, I'm new member...

    Wanted say HI and introduce myself to you all. I'm Nami and I have a 70 gallon square tank. It's been awhile since my last aquarium, a 25 gallon tank. Right now one of my roseline shark tends to rest vertical position. Is this normal?
  2. SteakNShrimp

    Fish acting weird please help!

    I have a 55g tank that houses - 1 Rainbow Shark - 2 Cherry Barbs - 1 Male Swordtail - 1 Zebra Loach I recently (yesterday) added 3 Tiger barbs 2 Green Tiger Barbs and 3 Albino Tiger Barbs as well as 2 Rose-line Sharks/Denison Barbs, a RainbowFish and a Blue CrayFish. The problem is one...
  3. CarloM12

    Talking about Freshwater Stingrays

    So this thread is going to be discussing freshwater stingrays in general. About a month ago I purchased a teacup stingray for my community tank with Discus, thinking they would get along. Contrary to popular beliefs, the discus nipped at the ray’s disc and killed it. A month layer, I’ve gotten a...