1. BiggTexx

    Sunsun Hw-302 "out Side" Filter

    SunSun HW-302 "Out Side" Filter   Summary   The SunSun HW-302 is a 3-stage (multistage) 1000 litre per hour (roughly 264 US gallons per hour) external canister filter (as rated by the manufacturer). Built like most other canister filters, the HW-302 contains 4 filter trays used to store your...
  2. BiggTexx

    Marineland C-360 Canister Filter

    Marineland C-360 Canister Filter   Summary   The Marineland C-360 Canister Filter is a 3-stage (multistage) 360 gallon per hour external canister filter rated for up to 100 gallon aquariums.  The filter separates into two main components, the canister and motor head. The canister stores 4 Stack...
  3. TallTree01

    Dymax Iq Thermo Mini Heater

    Dymax IQ Thermo Mini Heater   Summary   A reliable heater for aquariums 4-5 gallons and under. Easy to use and install, reliable heating and can fit in small spaces. The heater controller remains on the outside of the tank and is controlled with a button.   How long have you owned this product...
  4. TallTree01

    Hydor Koralia 900 Nano Review

    Hydor Koralia Nano 900   Summary   A cute little Pump from the koralia range. Pumping out 900 liters an hour this is a good piece of kit. Comes with a strong magnet instead of suction caps which I love.   How long have you owned this product? I've had this since the 27th August 2013. It was...
  5. SamB

    Ge Silicone I

    GE Silicone I CLEAR   Summary   While not specifically for use in aquariums, GE Silicone I is often used around the hobby as a sealant, both for tanks, cracks, and a general hold all. It is easy to use, and, in my experience, highly effective. While the back label does read "Not for use below...