red honey gourami

  1. Fisho1

    Honey Gourami Not Getting Enough Food

    I have recently bought a male and female Honey Gourami for my 40L planted tank. When feeding the fish I noticed that the Honey Gourami wasn't getting enough food because they kept getting pushed out of the way by the other fish (Guppies, Platies, Rummy-Nosed Tetra, and Neon Tetra) What can I do...
  2. W

    Red and sunset honey

    I want to put another honey gourami with my single sunset honey gourami. Does a red honey gourami count as a mate, or will my sunset gourami still be considered lonely because they're a different type of gourami?
  3. mindwarpstudios

    Single Gourami Discovered Dead: Avoidable? Or Just Bad Luck?

    Tank Stats: Young, but Fully Cycled Twice-weekly 20% water changes (with a manual gravel vac siphon) 54L Capacity Planted with 6 Varieties of Live Plants Gravel Substrate with buried Fertilizer Substrate (only under planted regions) Temperature: 79 Degrees Chemicals used: Sera Aquatan...
  4. mindwarpstudios

    A Group Of Gouramis: A Question Of Sexing That Is Beyond My Experience

    Complete Aquarium Newbie Looking for Insight: I recently put together a 54 liter freshwater aquarium for my daughter's birthday. Essentially, it is my aquarium until she learns to take complete care of it... we'll see how that plan works out. I have been speaking with the team at my local...