pygmy corydoras

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  1. JackGulley

    I'm feeling discouraged about my pygmy cories.

    So last month I got 6 pygmy cories to add to my 20gal community tank (relevant threads) with platies, zebra danios, and cherry shrimp. I really loved seeing them school at first. But, I don't think they're doing very well. Of the 6 I bought, 2 were unhealthy and died after a day or two. Another...
  2. JackGulley

    A Beginner's 20g Long Aquarium (Platys + Pygmy Corys)

    Hi, I'm a relatively new member here, but you might have seen me already. I first took an interest in fish tanks this fall, and for my birthday in October my dad's coworker gave me their used 20 gallon. It's been up and running for about 3 months now, and I feel like it's really coming together...
  3. JackGulley

    Pygmy Corys in Hard Water?

    I have a 20 long with platys, zebra danios, WCMMs, and cherry shrimp. I recently rescaped it and wanted some bottom feeders to grace its terrain, so I ordered 6 pygmy corys at the LFS which will be here to pick up on Wednesday. But, I just read that most corys, including pygmies, prefer soft...
  4. H

    Mysterious illness

    Tank 55 gallon & 15 gallon Nitrate 20 Nitrite 0 Hardness 150 Chlorine 0 Alkalinity 100 pH 7.2 78 degrees The above readings have been steady for at least 3 months. Tank mates are: 20 pygmy corydoras (55g) started with but moved---> 2 female bettas (15 gallon split tank) started...
  5. D

    Breeding Pygmy Corydoras

    Hello all! I've been keeping pygmy corydoras for a few years because they are my favorite fish. I'd really like to see them reproduce but they don't seem to be doing so on their own. So what I'll do here is go through some of the steps I've been taking to get them to spawn and hopefully one of...
  6. E

    Pygmy corydoras with inflated swim bladder

    Hi all I have a pygmy corydoras with an over-inflated swim bladder that it does not appear to be able to release the air from. The fish is still able to swim throughout the water column and feed itself, but it must be causing it discomfort. Can anyone suggest what I can do to help this fish...
  7. CrazyDiamond88

    Feeding Facepalm

    My betta lives with 8 pygmy corys in a cycled 12 gallon tank.   The cory I got just a few days ago. They are all getting along fine with each other which is a relief.   Anyway, I am trying to work out what/how to feed them, without overfeeding my gluttonous betta, who is currently bumbling...
  8. Blondielovesfish

    What To Feed Pygmy Corys?

    Hi all,   I'm getting 10 Pygmy Corys soon for my 22 gallon tank and I'm wondering what to feed them.   What do you feed yours?   What foods do they love?   Any help is appreciated. Thanks.