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  1. Circus

    Good Deal?

    So I was scoping around on the internet, craigslist specifically, and came upon a couple postings. There is a 55 with stand for $150 and it is 40 min away. The other one is a 46 gallon bowfront for $100 and it is 1 hr away. Which do you guys think would be the best deal? Also, do you think I...
  2. MyFishKaren

    Seeking Betta Information

    I have a few questions regarding betta care, breeding, and purchasing. Betta care: - How often should I clean my betta's tank? - Can a marimo moss ball be in my current betta's tank? - What divided tanks do you recommend the most? Breeding: I am not planning on breeding anytime soon, I just...
  3. Cameronb_01

    Fish Shops In London

    Hi Everyone, I live in London and I have been looking around on the web and my LFS which is the Aquatics Design Centre appears to be the only decently sized fish store in the area. I live in Hampstead and apart from the aquatics design centre and small garden centres I can't find any other...
  4. S

    Looking To Purchase Tortoise Around Toronto

    Looking for a tortoise Hey I'm looking to purchase a tortoise around the Toronto area. Please let me know if your selling as I'm trying to get one for my fiancée and our anniversary. Thanks Dan