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  1. P

    Setting up brackish water tank for 50 gallon tank

    Hello, im new to brackish water since I only have 2 freshwater tank for my guppies. I wanted to ask on what canister filter that is good but affordable for a 50 gallon tank? This tank is for my 4 baby green spotted fish that my brother just bought before even doing research because the lfs said...
  2. B

    Green spotted pufferfish (tropical) with dark underbelly?

    We purchased some pufferfish yesterday from our local aquatic centre. In terms of selecting the puffer fish we wanted we asked for a dark belly and a white belly.... Only to get home and realise that the dark belly meant he(?) was stressed out. The other puffer has a white belly and has...
  3. taryn0214_

    Hello from Toronto, Canada

    Hey guys, I was delighted that such an informative platform exists and still functioning well. I couldn't find very up-to-date information for the aquarium. Exciting to be a family here. I have 1 green spotted puffer, and I am actually a newbie in the aquarium world. I am here mainly to get all...
  4. S

    Green Spotted Puffer sick?

    I recently noticed my GSP looking a little weird, I assumed he wasn’t eating and maybe it was that. However, he eats and eats but isn't gaining any weight. His top fin also seems to look like it isn’t working anymore? Sometimes he swims sideways, or just lays at the bottom at the take. He is...
  5. C

    Questions On Green Spotted Puffers

    Hi all, first time post here from Ireland. I have a few months ago bought 4x Green Spotted Puffers (approx 2cm). Prior to buying them, i set up and cycled a new 250lt tank for them, at 1.010 specific gravity using redsea salt, loads of vallisneria, java fern, bogwood, slate and a sandy bottom...