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please help me

  1. Rachealmax

    Guppy fish needs help!

    Hi I was wondering if someone could help me please? I have a guppy and her tail has gone into a point and there appears to be 2 red dots on her. All the levels in the tank are all in range. At the moment I have separated her into another container within the tank. All the other guppies seem to...
  2. F

    GloFish Tetra Emergency

    Good Morning Everyone!! I am new here, I’m hoping someone will be able to help me figure out what is going on with my Glofish Tetra. Having trouble swimming, staying near the surface swimming vertically or with nose pointing up. Overall just swimming strange. Only fish with these symptoms. About...
  3. B

    Our Micky mouse Platty is hiding and not eating

    Hello Our happy little platy will not eat is hiding at the back of the cave Please help :(
  4. A

    very new and very confused, please help!

    i recently got my first betta fish as well as 3 kuhli loaches. the workers at the aquarium shop i purchased them from explained that it was best to acclimate them at the same time to avoid my betta from becoming territorial. when i was first observing my betta at the shop his top fin looked a...