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  1. G

    Help Is my platty pregnant or unwell!

    Finding it hard to determine weather my platy is pregnant, sick or over fed! Not even sure if it’s a male or female!! I have four other platties which aren’t nearly ad large as this one along with four tetras and a dwarf gourami in the tank I’ve had the platties just over a week Any help...
  2. Fushguy2023

    Help platty fish

    Hi I have 5 platty fish and 2 off them today won't stop doing this I have also notice the sunset platty having a really black insides all other fish fine
  3. S

    Male Platy is hiding from the rest of his tank mates

    I have a total of 9 plattys, 2 males and 7 females. The one male is blue and the other is orange and both seem to not like being around the females and other fish in the tank. The blue is newer than the orange and when I first got the orange he stayed away from the rest of the group and now he...
  4. W

    Tropical Fish Keepers In Plymouth

    anyone in plymouth who keep tropical fishes can post