peacock goby

  1. Stefan3289

    Thoughts on peacock goby?

    Hello all, I was debating to get a peacock goby with my Cories and harlequin rasboras. Would this work? I haven’t seen them get talked about much so hopefully someone could have some advice for caring for them. Here’s my water parameters 29g Ammonia: .1 (doing water change today) Nitrite: 0...
  2. RCA

    Peacock Gudgeons: Journey Of The Fry

    Although posted elsewhere, as we have a dedicated area, I thought I would share for your viewing on how to improve my videos are welcomed as still early days.
  3. RCA

    Slow Growth Rate ~ Peacock Gudgeon Fry

    I am finding despite feeding well, my fry seem to be growing at a very slow rate. I have read this is the case, yet cannot find any hard facts out there. Thus I am looking for others with experience of breeding these fish to please advise. How long does it take them to grow? You can see them...
  4. RCA

    Video Peacock Gudgeon - Journey Of The Fry

    Just uploaded my first video to YouTube with the help of my "gravel cleaning" nephew. It shows the Journey of the Fry, of the Peacock Gudgeon (Goby). I look forward to hearing what you liked/did not like about the video so that we can improve on future versions. Hope you enjoy...
  5. l_l_l

    Fish Adventure: Tateurndina Ocellicauda

    Hi there! I have been in love with a new fish for a few months already, a very small one, roughly 2-2.5 inches long. I got this T. Ocellicauda from a LFS at a whooping 15$. I knew what I was going to buy when I walked in that store that day, I knew what this fish ate, I knew what it looked like...