panda corydora

  1. R

    Looking For Input On My First Fish Tank

    I just got a 29 gallon tank and am currently in the process of cycling it, and am trying to decide which fish i want to stock it with. I had some ideas but was hoping to get some advice from people who are a bit more experienced. My idea was to have: - Two or Three Dwarf Gourami - a school of...
  2. B

    Panda Corydora Sensitivity to pH

    I have a 10 gallon tank that is cycled and has a couple of plants. I had three panda corydoras (starting to stock the tank, with the goal of 6 fish). Everything had been stable with weekly 25% water changes; the water parameters have remained 0/0/0. My region has hard water, and the pH has...
  3. N

    Overstocked 10 gallon?

    Hi there, After 23 days of fishless cycling my 10 gallon finally could process 3ppms of ammonia in 24 hours with zero nitrates. Since then I've rescaped (twice!!!) And finally stocked my tank. I put 4 panda corys, one large zebra nerite, one small tiger nerite, and my male koi half moon betta I...
  4. dhartIndy

    Help! Panda Cory Pale - Normal When Spawning?

    So I just did a water change (about 10% every 4th day) and like clockwork I noticed my two adults have spawned again. Left a clutch of about 6 eggs and still at it. I noticed they have both gotten pale since yesterday. The male more than the female. Has anyone ever noticed or come across...