1. Ellie Potts

    55 gallon community tank ideas NEEDED

    Hey everyone! I have a 55g tank newly cycled and I'm really excited to put some stuff in it... but I don't know what. It's over filtered with a canister pumping 360 gph and two, 200 watt heaters that will keep the tank at any temperature. My heating probe allows for a very stable temp with a...
  2. ameliagb

    what can I keep with my senegal bichirs?

    Hi! okay so I have a bowfront tank of like 50 ish gal with 2 senegal bichirs one grey one and one albino both fairly small but the grey one growing at a kind of noticeable rate as well as 1 pink and 1 blue convict. the tank is very natural looking and heavily planted with a set up of rock...
  3. E

    What fish should go with my Senegal Bichir?

    I am currently planning to stock a 90 gallon tank. It is currently completely empty, and filtration isn’t a problem, because I am willing to add more if needed. I am planning to put a Senegal bichir, but I don’t know what other fish should go in as well. I am interested in ropefish and Congo...
  4. E

    What type of Oddball can I keep in my 36 gallon bowfront?

    I have the tank fully cycled, it’s been running for a couple years without problems. I am planning on moving the current stock into a new 50 gallon tank. Is there any oddballs, such as bichirs, that could be kept in my 36 gallon tank?
  5. Flinkbag

    Love - Hate Relationship

    Hey all!    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I just wanted to show off my Purple Spotted Gudgeon, Dobby, and my Firemouth Cichlid, Susan. They're practically inseparable, yet tend to squabble with each other like an old married couple. Its more just displays than anything...
  6. noobgamers

    What Non Corydoras Catfish Are Suitable For A 15 Gallon

    hey guys doing a 15 gallon oddballa s stated before and im looking for some bottom feeders that arent corydoras as it is a oddballs tank what would you guys recomend ty for any advice it is going to be a dwarf puffer tank with 1 male and 3 females thpught maybe 6 dwarf anchor catfish and some...
  7. Y

    Freshwater Pipefish Advice

    I am currently working on getting my aquarium environment ready for a freshwater pipefish, currently the tank is stocked with a small school of peaceful fish, shrimp, snails, and many plants, I have added in java moss as well to make housing for cultivating planktonic organisms, I am wondering...
  8. Ranchu

    My Freshwater Eel

    Just sharing my Freshwater Eel      
  9. Doomchibi

    Possible Tankmates For Leopard Ctenopoma And Rainbow Shark?

    I have a 1.5" rainbow shark and a 1" leopard ctenopoma (leopard gourami), and I am trying to plan out future tankmates for them. They are currently in a 20g long aquarium for the time being until my living situation is settled, and then they will be moved into as big a tank as I can reasonably...