1. L

    Is this plant substrate legit?

    Found this nutrient soil at a really cheap prize but can't find any info on it online. Anyone knows if this is legit? I don't expect it to be as good as the more expensive brands, but if it's better than nothing.. I'm planning on placing it beneath the sand. This is what it says in the...
  2. The Lumpfish Guy

    Feeding and Nutrition in fish.

    There have been quite a few posts recently about fish nutrition and many of these have been slightly misguided in their understanding of how fish nutrition works. So as I work as a fish scientist I thought I would help clarify some basics about nutrition and feeding in fish. There are two types...
  3. P

    Best probiotics for homemade fish food?

    im thinking about making homemade fish for for my Betta to supplement feed alongside pellets. This is my rough list of ideas for ingredients.(all will be blended and frozen in ziplock bags) Mostly(3:4): Any White fish meat Shrimp(peeled) Clams or squid(look for discounted items)...