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  1. M

    BGK + Tiger Barbs + Bristlenose??

    I just got a new 43 gallon tank and i have a small bgk (12cm) in it at the moment. If i add 3 bristlenose plecos and 10 tiger barbs, will i have a problem with aggression from any of the fish? Thanks if you guys have an answer.
  2. TigerOscar11

    Breeding Bristlenose Pleco

    Hi everyone,   I have 3 bristlenose pleco's at the moment and i want to breed them. 2x females and 1x male. One of the females is 4.5-5 inches and the male is about 3.5-4 inches, i have made them a pvc cave as the one the originally had could barely even fit him in it and she couldnt fit at all...