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  1. hudsona85

    New 75 Gallon! Need Some Ideas

    Hello!   Just recently purchased a 75 Gallon Marineland tank with Marineland LED lights. I am right in the middle of being a novice to intermediate as far as experience goes with FW aquatics. I have debated back and forth as to what I would like to put in this. I got as far as wanting cichlids...
  2. Corykeeper

    Bolivian Rams Going Up And Down Tank Walls

    I just got 2 bolivian rams from a reputable dealer and now they are swimming up and down the tank walls for hours. If anyone has any experience with this I am really just curious.
  3. FreshwaterAfishianado

    55 Gal. Sa Black(Ish) Water Tank (Pics)

    So I'm starting this journal a little late, the tank has been running a little while now but it has been slow going so I figured I would share what I've done so far.   The original plan was to do a biotope centered around the Lake Valencia Basin in Venezuela, which is the only lake in which wild...
  4. Llittlefox

    Severum And Blue Acara

    Okay so I'm new to Cichlids, I normally have a tank of guppies and other nice peaceful live bearing fish. Now the reason I've decided to get Cichlids is because everyone is telling me I should get Cichlids.   What I bought was a Severum and a blue Acara I also have a Pleco, they were small when...