new tank syndrome

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    First time Betta Owner, nitrogen cycling??

    I have never had a fish before and just purchased a betta from Petco two days ago. The person helping us at Petco assured us bettas are low maintanence and all we need is distilled water and a tank of any size. We used distilled water and a 2.2 gallon tank. Upon further research apparently it's...
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    Uncertain if my tank is cycled or not

    I have a 20 gallon tank with 6 Corys, 6 bettas, 6 rasbora and 1 snail for almost 4 weeks. I have live and fake plants in my tank. I have been using prime and stability to help me keep my fish alive throughout the cycling process after 2 of my panda cory die during the 2nd weeks up. My ammonia...
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    Ammonia Refuses To Go Down!!! :(

    Before I get into my issue, let me give you some background info about my tank. Tank up time: 1 1/2 months (Started at the beginning of April) Size: ~52 G/182 L Type: Freshwater Filter: 2x 6-inch bar airstones, AquaOne 600 Filter Substrate: Small tan/white/brown gravel substrate approximately 2...