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  1. F


    Hiya, I currently have a 25 Litre tank containing 4 neon Tetras, 2 gold dust mollys, 2 Raspberry Tetras and one Pleco. I have had this set up for about 8 months but just purchased a new tank of 105 litres. I read online the tank set up can take weeks. I always use purified mineral water from...
  2. greenmumma141

    Stocking List For New 60g Tank! Woohoo!

    Picking up my new 60 Gallon (4ft) today guys!!! I plan to do a fishless cycle with mature media (sponge + ceramic rings), but I just wanted to get some input on my stocking ideas. Most of the room will be taken up by the fish I already have, they all have to move to the new tank, as Im breaking...