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  1. F

    Mom and Daughter New Member Hellos

    Hello, Thank you for any help we receive in advance. We are newish to hobby aquariums and we are hoping to come here when we have questions or need help. We have a 10 Gallon tank that has been running for 2 1/2 weeks with just plants. Yesterday we added 2 Black Velvet Mollies, 2 Dalmatian...
  2. J

    Unusual Fish

    Hello! I am not great with this forum stuff, but I really cannot figure out what this fish is! We were given some more Tetras and some Guppies too. Amongst those was this strange fish. I’m not sure if I’m being stupid or if it is genuinely an unusual cross breed. Does anyone have any answers for...
  3. KansasPrincess724

    Hello! Any Fellow Oscar Fans Out There?

    Hello! This'll be my first post on this forum, I'm looking forward to being a part of the community! :)     Now, I am not new to the fish hobby (I know quite a bit, but I'll admit I've got PLENTY of room to grow), but I am new to Oscar fish keeping. I have a little Oscar fish who is the size of...