new fish keeper introduction

  1. quinnARIUM

    Hi, here's how I got here. DIY Rimless Pea Puffer Journal.

    Hi all, I recently joined this forum so I thought I would share with you my story and most recently completed project. About 10 months ago my sister got a betta fish in a 4 gallon aquarium. This sparked the memory of my first ever fish tank. A ten gallon aquarium in which we had several...
  2. G

    Hello from Southern California.

    I'm new to the forum and somewhat new to fish keeping. I'm looking forward to helping out, conversing about fish and learning from all of you wise and experienced experts. I've had a few hiccups starting with my 10-gallon tank, as the sales person gave me a pregnant Molly, which I found out...
  3. K

    Help for my mum

    Can anyone help please my mum has been given these fish and told they were tropical but doesnt know what fish they are as she wants to read up on them. Many thanks
  4. FlyingFish78

    Newbie Checking In

    Hi everyone! :) I'm completely new to fishkeeping and as a result have been doing lots of google research lately on the subject. This forum seems to appear more often than not in the search results so that's why I chose it to make a profile. Anyway, it's great to be here and I look forward to...