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  1. M

    Tips for my newest Betta!

    Hi everyone! So yesterday I finally got my Betta! The tank has been cycled for three weeks before I got her but she’s now in and doing great. I have done research just wondered if you had any real good tips you think every Betta fish keeper should have? Also, I have been trying to identify her...
  2. K

    Trying Not to Kill my 2 yrs olds betta!

    We bought my 2 yr old a betta for Christmas and long story short, the 1st one died in a day as we were severely uninformed on how to set up a new tank and just basically plopped the new guy in. Take 2 on this here betta and I thought I was doing so well, but now he's chilling in the bottom of...
  3. A

    Seeking input on the appearance/health of my Betta

    This is Toby. He's a half moon male Betta and I've had him since last summer (2018). I am new to the hobby and haven't had a fish since I was in elementary school so for all intents and purposes this is my first fish. He lives in a 3 gallon filtered tank with a mini heater. The tank also has a...
  4. V

    Shredded, Bloated Betta

    Hi. I'm a new betta owner, and I bought my fish about two months ago. I took care of him for the first month, and he was shy but healthy. After a month of vacation and leaving the fish in my fathers' care, I am very stressed with his new appearance. Although he is happy and friendly, is eating...
  5. K


    I just bought a new elephant ear betta, Merlin, and when I put him into his new tank he got really freaked out. He isn't completely flaring, its more like heavy breathing and he wont stop. Its been two hours so far and he still hasn't calmed down, he occasionally darts around hitting things and...
  6. C

    New to bettas... Does my fish look healthy?

    Hello, I just got Jasper a couple weeks ago, and he has looked like this since I got him. I have fasted him for a couple days but it didn't look like a constipation bump so I stopped doing that. He eats 4 pellets a day (2 in the morning 2 at night) and gets an occasional frozen blood worms. He...