nerite snails

  1. L

    Nerite snail (?)

    Hi. My kids and I purchased some Nerite snails from Petco to add to our aquarium and was assured that these were in fact Nerites. One I am questionable on though. I know that two of the snails are Nerites but am not so sure about this third, that is very large. I am concerned because I don’t...
  2. C

    Possible shell problem?

    Hi All you lovely people, I have never had a snail before and although we have had our nerite snail for nearly 2 years there is an area on his shell I'm worried about. Does this look like his shell is damaged or a portion missing?? Not sure how to help, can I give him something to strengthen...
  3. A

    Is There Something Such As Too Much Calcium Or Too Much Cuttlebone?

    I need to buffer my aquarium calcium so I'm going to use a cuttlebone and I don't know if there's anything bad with too much calcium. I'm using about a sixth of a cuttlebone on a nano 3.5g tank for a betta, 3 shrimp, and 2 nerites. My current ph is 6.6 and I'm also going to use some crushed...
  4. matchstickgeezer

    Nerite Snails - The Algae Solution

    I’m sure other people will have said similar over the last few years, but I cannot stress enough how effective a small group of Nerite snails can be in a tank with algae. My 3ft tank and bogwood was covered in years and years of algae. I could boil it or scrub it off. In the end I added 4...