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  1. M

    New Fish Tanks

    Hi i'm Alex I already have two tanks and I am looking to buy a good large or medium sized tank we are talking from 20Lto 60L does anyone know a website were I can get good cheap and good quality fish tanks from. Really cheap filters and equipment at low prices. Preferably an English company or...
  2. alexshaw

    Need Help With Pleco Fins Splitting. =(

    Hey so i got this gold spot pleco and have had him for about a month and a half i have brackish water which my fish love. I have mollies guppies sword tails and 2 silver sharks. couple weeks ago i noticed some white spot starting to form so i quickly treated it with wonder tonic. It did the...
  3. G

    My First Ever Saltwater Tank. Need Lots Of Help Please!

    I have decided to start my first ever saltwater tank. I currently have a 10 gallon tank, with the normal measurements of 20x10x12. I have a bio-wheel filter that cleans 100 gallons of water every hour, so it's cleaning my tank 10 times in an hour. I also have a heater. Also got the hood with the...
  4. McCool

    Stocking Edits. They Never End.

    I want apologize to everyone here who has had to deal with my constant change in stocking plans. But guess what? Lets do it again. TANK: 55 gallons Sand at the moment, however that shall be changed soon. To what? Thats still up for debate. Standard 4ft tank Two T5 39W daylight bulbs Fluval...