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  1. sweeteybabey

    Just Some Random Questions!

    Hello everyone! My 20gal is finally cycled (after 17 days :D) and I'm beginning to buy stuff to fully decorate it. I was wondering if I can use trimmings of my ginseng bonsai tree for decoration? I would boil the leaves since I use bonsai ferts, but I wanted to check just in case it's harmful, I...
  2. Falconwithaboxon

    New Tank

    I just got this new 45 gallon tank set up. It uses live plants, rocks, driftwood, and sand. I tried setting up a couple of distinct areas. Heavily planted on the right, moderate/light planting with driftwood and rocks in the center, and a lot of rocks on the left. This took a a few hours but I'm...
  3. SpeedyTheBetta

    (Week 1) Walstad Tank with Speedy the Betta | No CO2, No Ferts & Heater

    Hi there, I am for 6months now into this hobby and i really loved it! I like Natural planted tanks & Provide an ecosystem where plants and fish balance each other's needs. so learned about it and created my planted tank. I use organic soil and gravel, for plants i picked alot of fast growing...
  4. SteakNShrimp

    Tiger Barb Questions

    So I have a few questions about Tiger Barbs. What variants are there and are they natural, or have they been dyed or something? I know of the - Regular Tiger Barb - Albino Tiger Barb - Green Tiger Barb - Long Finned Tiger Barb - StrawBerry Tiger Barb - Platinum Green Tiger Barb
  5. Cameronb_01

    Substrate Identification

    Hi Guys,   Purchased this substrate today from my LFS. The guy who sold it to me didn't know who the supplier was and what type of gravel it is or what the dimensions are?   Anyone have any ideas about where I could get something similar from or what the dimensions might be?   Thanks in advance...
  6. Noahh

    Natural Looking Tank Set Up

    Hi all,   I've just moved from a 50 litre tank to a 200 litre which is currently cycling.   I'm hoping to create a well planted community tank filled with small schools of small fish.   Plants so far: Egeria Densa Green Cabomba Bacopa Monnieri Dwarf Sagittara   Fish so far: 1 x Female...
  7. AlbertShipman

    Common Garden Frogs

    All taken around half past eleven this morning.
  8. B

    Aqua Scape Ideas For My Tank!

    Hiya everyone! I have a 240 gallon Fluval Roma tank with: One Power-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 40W, T8 One Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 40W, T8 A 300W heater Fluval 306 external filter At the moment the tank is up and running as a tropical tank with only fake decorations in it, no...
  9. coma

    Coma Aqua

    Aquarium: Juwel Rio 125(81 x 36 x50 cm )+ original black stand Filtration system: JBL Crystal Profi 700 Lighting: Juwel T5 lighting unit 2 x 28w + Juwel reflectors DIY-Electronic Ballast DMR T5 2x24 Substrate system: ADA Power Sand ADA Aqua Soil NEW Amazonia ADA Aqua Soil NEW Amazonia Powder...