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  1. S


    I don't know what's this on my Biotape aquarium recently I've collected some Jungle Vallisneria and some other plants from local river and I placed them in this tank after 5 days these little floating things came please tell me what's this and how to solve and Jewel fish in this tank
  2. Amyl0359

    112L tropical tank hello :D

    Picture of tank to be added soon :) Hello and thanks for having me :) Here is my and my partners 112L tank setup on 26/10/21 1 month and 14days old. We also have a pond outside that we built in lockdown.
  3. Ellie Potts

    How to make this look good...

    This is my 55 gallon aquarium and I'd really like it to be a heavily planted tank but I'm not sure how to improve on it. The bottom is really hectic but the middle is just empty. Because it's a standard 55, it's really tall and it's hard to buy plants (or reasonably priced decor) that are of...