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  1. F

    Fish Keep Getting Sick and Dying

    Hello All, I’m new to the fish keeping hobby. I’ve had my fist 10 gallon tank since April. I tried to do as much research as possible on stocking and supplies as I could. The tank has a heater (for 20 gallon), 1 sponge filter with an air stone (for 20 gallon), 1 hang on the back filter (Tidal...
  2. Dopatri


    Hi everyone. I’m absolutely baffled as to what is going on with my fish. I have two tanks, one for guppies and one for guppy fry. I bought two new filters to put in my tanks yesterday, so I kept the original filters in the tanks, and just added the new filters as well. Anyway, I noticed a few...
  3. margaritari

    Young Harlequin Rasboras DYING RAPIDLY!!

    Hello, sorry my first post is so desperate but I REALLY NEED HELP. My new Harlies are dropping like flies and I have no idea why! Tank size: 20 gal pH: 7.5 tank temp: 75ºF Fish Symptoms: Three fish have died within the two days since I bought them. The first two were found dead on the bottom...
  4. R

    Something catastrophically wrong with my tank. Please help.

    Background - I was given a Juwel Trigon 190 corner tank by my friend who had it sitting in his garage for a few years. After thoroughly washing it with water and white vinegar, leaving it to sit for 3 days to test for leaks and then draining it, I brought it into my home where I started a...