mysterious deaths

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  1. V

    Shrimp missing after adding them?

    I had bought five shrimp just a day ago. Later last night I only counted two. Today I can't see any. I siphoned the gravel, nothing. Then I picked up some decorations and found one dead body. I think they might've all died but I can't find more bodies and I don't want to cause an ammonia spike...
  2. Jan Cavalieri

    Cycling a Salt Water Tank

    Long time since I've posted, not for all good reasons - a rash of deaths in the family - ALL my aunts and uncles on my mother's side have now passed away, of course before this round of deaths I lost both my parents and my husband and my dog all pretty close together - but this last round of...
  3. S

    I am defeated ....URGENT!!

    I am a new fish owner and I only learnt about nitrogen cycle today I have lost 3 fishes in the last week I can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong I think it might be overfeeding and constipation. Moreover I don’t really have a water test kit cuz I can’t afford one yet. Please help! Another fish...
  4. BlueSarcasm

    Shrimp Died Overnight

    I just got two japanese algae eating shrimp yesterday, and I found one dead in one of my decorations and the other is nowhere to be found. I don't think the fish in my tank couldve eaten an entire shrimp overnight though. I have 2 balloon mollies, female beta, and a black molly. Could these guys...
  5. A

    Horrifying Tank Deaths: Please Help!

    I have been keeping fish for a long time, but I have NEVER had something like this happen! I've no clue what could have gone wrong.... Here's the situation: I've been away from home for about a week, the care of my tank was entrusted to a friend and fellow fish mom during that time, due to my...