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mts snails

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  1. G

    Snail feeding!!!

    Hi what can I feed my bladder, mini rams horns, and Mts snails? I feed them flake food but I want variety. Can I feed them broccoli or lettuce?
  2. S

    MTS infestation and Assassin snails

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with getting rid of MTS. I was thinking about getting assassin snails to eat them, but I read that they also reproduce quite a bit.
  3. Tyler_Fishman

    Really Amazon!

    I was optimistic about getting MTS snails for my planted 10 gallon, It would be a nice addition to my tank, After some research I have concluded that they are Sudible even crucial for my setup, so I did what any person would do when their LFS did not have something they wanted: Go to Amazon. I...
  4. L

    Snail Incursion

    Dear all, We have a new 125 litre tank (total n00bs) which we are currently cycling ahead of sticking in a first few hardy little fish in a few weeks. Today, we planted up a bit of greenery (again, very simple and hardy plants...) and we seem to have picked up a little stowaway. From my...