molly pregnany

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  1. K

    Molly Pregnancy Questions

    Hey guys, I'm new to Mollies, and need a little help. 1 black Molly I got is very large and round. She is very restless. I know she is pregnant, I just don't know how far along she is. The other black Molly is smaller, but she also appears round. She eats a lot but she is more calm and lays...
  2. J

    Are My Molly's Both Pregnant?

    Hi there. I recently set up a fish box 120 litre. We got 2 female Molly's 23 days ago. The dalmation 1 started looking fatter after about a week of having her and continues to grow. Not squaring off though. My black molly is only now starting to look fat. Can they both be pregnant? The dalmation...