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  1. Jackee

    2 pregnant mollies

    Hi everyone! In your own experience, what is the longest your mollies were pregnant before they actually gave birth? Second, have your mollies more often given birth during the day, at night, or about 50/50. Please, I am not looking for generic, rule-of-thumb info. I’ve read all of that, lots of...
  2. N

    Safe To Change My Pregnant Balloon Molly's Water?

    I have a pregnant Molly and six baby balloon mollies from her first fry. The babies were quite a surprise since she was the only fish in there with our dwarf frog. The babies are a few months old so I'm not concerned with their health but the mom looks about ready to drop another fry and I don't...
  3. westmidsgal


    hi all new today and looking forward to some information when i need it, had tank about 3 months and have got 5 molly babies so far!! and have just seperated another 2 because i think there about to give birth :-)