molly help

  1. K

    Molly Pregnancy Questions

    Hey guys, I'm new to Mollies, and need a little help. 1 black Molly I got is very large and round. She is very restless. I know she is pregnant, I just don't know how far along she is. The other black Molly is smaller, but she also appears round. She eats a lot but she is more calm and lays...
  2. LexiLex888

    Molly Had Babies???

    My sisters came into town for a week and a half recently and I asked them to pick out some fish to add to my 55 gallon tropical tank! One of them picked out an African dwarf frog and the other picked out three lyretail mollies. I quarantined them for a week and a half and released them in my...
  3. C

    My male molly fish’s gonapodium(organ fin) seems like swollen, any idea what it is? Is it a disease?

    My male molly organ fin was normal before but recently I found out his organ fin tip is swollen and that fin can’t close and it seems like he is unable to bend it when he is chasing the female.
  4. M

    New to mollys

    So I got 3 mollys at a local pet store I thought they were interesting and asked them about them. The informed me that mollys are very easy to take care of and that they are schooling fish so you have to have a few so I got a dalmation a black and a silver molly but when I finally got the set up...