mollies sexing

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    Yet another molly sexing question

    I know it's been asked plenty of times about mollies, but my lyretails seem to be a bit harder to tell, just because with the cases of heavy inbreeding I'm not sure if it's a deformity or just a very pronounced gonopodium. Also, I cleared the algea right after this picture. They just get too...
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    My male molly fish’s gonapodium(organ fin) seems like swollen, any idea what it is? Is it a disease?

    My male molly organ fin was normal before but recently I found out his organ fin tip is swollen and that fin can’t close and it seems like he is unable to bend it when he is chasing the female.
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    When Can I Decide On Sex Of Baby Mollies

    I have between 11 and 9 baby mollies (I just cannot count them 11 went into tank) they are now 4 weeks old. My neighbour will have a couple, but he doesn't want a pair. I need to take remainder to LFS, before the next batch arrive. Any day now ! I have read it could take three months before I...