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  1. C

    Detritus worms

    I've noticed detritus worms in my nano planted tank before and have even tried to get rid of them but I saw online how they're potentially a food source and recently I got a first hand look at my bumblebee goby feeding on one.
  2. T

    Do too much microworm will caused the betta fry dead?

    Hi, first time breeding betta, alien breed. I fed the betta fry with microworm at their 4th day, but at the 7th day i realize the fry are all dead except for 1survival. Then only realize alot of microworm are swimming at the bottom of the water. Lastly, when do we need to remove the male betta...
  3. RCA

    Cory Perfection Surprise...

    Is there anything more adorable than Cory fry... Recently I removed some eggs from two different aquariums. The first houses Galaxy Rasboras, along with Harborus Corys. The second has one of my favourite, a group of Aldolfo Corys who I always hoped would breed. It has been an interesting...
  4. BelldandyShanny

    Made The Leap To Microworms

    so now that I have a tank full of kirblettes I figured I'd start feeding some live food and got myself a microworm starter which is now on it's way to spewing forth millions of worms.  I know nothing about this really, just what I read on google.  I guess I'll need to look into getting a second...
  5. fivestarsellers1

    Microworms/ Microworm Media! Micro Max Oatmeal Mix

    Culture: Mircoworm Quantity for sale: 1 Starter Culture "Just the worms package" you will get microworms, production bosting yeast, and a care sheet. Delivery or Collection: USPS First Class Mail Sales price: 4.00 Postage & Packaging: 2.00 Location: Bloomington, Illinois USA Photograph: The...