mating behavior

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  1. C

    Oscar Nesting Behaviour?

    My 5-year-old fully mature Oscar has started an interesting new behaviour. He’s shoving gravel up one side of the tank and resting in the hole at the bottom of the tank (see pic). Went to vacuum the tank this morning and as I neared the depression he struck out and bit me! Never did any of these...
  2. Stefan3289

    Mollies are trying to breed

    Hello all, So I had one of my mollies pass away but I decided I’ll get a new one to replace his spot. Turns out the one I managed to pick was a female. I see now that a few of the males are following her a lot trying to mate. I know I can’t really prevent this, but will this cause a lot of...
  3. M

    Females acting funny?

    Hi! I’ve had 6 female bettas for around 4 months. They where fine but unfortunately 3 have died ( old age for one and swim bladder for the others 2) I know have 3 left, however 2 are displaying mating kind of tendencies? Is this normal? I noticed yesterday a bible next sort of thing forming...
  4. KatNor21

    Mating behavior?

    I was told I had two females and a male. But what I thought were two female sunset honey gouramis have been slowly circling up against each other on and off all day. Could one of these be a male? They both have a stripe so I thought female. Meanwhile the obvious male is showing some black...
  5. Dopatri

    Are my female Bettas trying to mate?

    Hey! This is a bit of an unusual question. But I recently bought two young female betta fish. I already have two existing Betta females in the tank, fully grown. These new bettas I bought look to be younger as they are smaller in size. However I’ve noticed both of my new females on different...
  6. Jan Cavalieri

    Oh dear, Gourami trying to mate

    I have at least two male blue Gourami trying to mate with a single female. I'm not going to intentionally keep the offspring because of their size - I just bought a larger tank because we had 3 large gourami live with the last litter and within a month were nearly the size of their parents...