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  1. FisherFin

    Description-Entry to (March) 'Tank of the Month'

    Tank Setup: A 260L Jewel Tank with an oak wood stand fitted with double cupboards housing a 300L canister external filter and the other bits and bobs needed. Lit with a bar LED that changes colour. Aquascape: Aquascaped with 5 8' Amazon Sword rooted in a fine black gravel with occasional...
  2. eaglesaquarium

    March 2013 Pet Of The Month Winner

                        Congrats to:        Gidge (and Diesel, of course!)         A worthy winner.   This pet will be automatically entered for "Pet of the Year 2013".       Thanks to all participants and to those who voted!  This is only possible thanks to all of you!!!
  3. eaglesaquarium

    March Tank Of The Month Winner

                         CONGRATS to:    Ralphw62       A most worthy winner.  This tank will be entered automatically for "Tank of the Year 2013".     Many thanks to all who participated and for all those who voted!!!  This wouldn't be possible without all of you!