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  1. zuulan

    Clown Loach - Free To Anyone Near Bolton With A 400+ Litre Tank

    Hi   I've a Clown Loach, bought over a year ago but before I knew these need a tank of at least 400 litres.   If you have a tank bigger then this and already have some Clown Loaches for it to live with, I can deliver mine free as long as you don't live too far from Bolton, Lancs.   Thanks Mike  
  2. 9

    Wanted - Neon Green Jewel Cichlid

    hi i am looking for a neon green jewel cichlid,in the Manchester area ( i do not trust shipping fish) please email me if your selling one. i don't mind if it's fry or a full grown adult but i love jewels and really fancy a neon green,i do believe they may also be called turquoise jewel cichlids...