male molly

  1. carligraceee

    Aggressive mollies and now I’m stressed

    Okay so I’ve always known mollies tend to be aggressive. Especially the males. But I have been able to fix this situation in the past and wanted help sexing my mollies! If they are males, then i have too many males and i need to replace two of them with females (i have one female molly and one...
  2. E

    Video Male Molly pregnant?

    This molly was bought two or three weeks ago and I chose her because she was a girl. Then after a week or so I looked again and thought I must have been mistaken. I have since read that it is possible for the fish to be a 'late bloomer' or even to change gender. But now she/he looks pregnant or...
  3. StephanieHinsley


    So I currently have only one fish in a 25-30 gallon tank of brackish water. He's a silver Molly with black spots named Rorik, and ever since his mom died, he's been alone. As a social fish, I worry about him, so I've been thinking about getting him a few tank mates. I'm trying to be careful, one...