male and female ratio

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  1. K

    Which platy to get rid of? Strange bond

    i have a 36 gal bow front established tank with good water conditions. In my tank I have 2 female swords, 1 female Betta, 5 male guppies and 3 platys (2 male & 1 female). I started out with 1 male & thought he was so good looking that I wanted to try breeding. So I went to store planning to get...
  2. E

    Rainbowfish Questions

    Hi guys (probably Byron lol), Just wanted to know whether I can keep just female Boesmani? My partner and I aren't a fan of the males, but we love the females. Also: Would it be advisable to keep a trio of female Boesmani, and then 1 male and 2 female Lucatris (Lake Kutubu, Blue, Turquoise)...