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  1. Kelseyghardin125

    Sexxing my Lyretail Molly

    Hello again! Can someone identify if this is male or female lyretail creamsicle Molly? I have a make Dalmatian Molly in my tank also and know that the Dalmatian Molly is a male. He constantly is chasing my lyretail and rubbing his nose on the lyretail’s belly like an attempt to mate or...
  2. M

    Question About My Female Dalmation Lyretail Molly.

    Meet Purdy, my female Dalmation lyretail molly. Recently, she has been suffering from what appears to be pop-eye. She has white film and fuzz around her right eye along with the eye protruding from the socket. This is the second time that this has occured the past thirty days. It went away when...