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  1. The Sandman

    17G/65L Low Tech Soil Planted Tank

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd post a few pics of my Aquastart 500 planted tank on here, mainly because of the dearth of information on the web regarding these tanks. Specifically, whether a planted setup would indeed be viable given their 'unique' lighting system. These reasons almost put me off...
  2. sawickib

    Low Light Elephant Nose Planted Tank, Play Sand

    I have a 55 gallon im cycling wanna know some good low light plants that EN like any suggestions? And do EN like driftwood?
  3. B

    Levels Of Light (Low, Medium, High)

    Not sure if this belongs in the plants section or the lighting section but anyways: I've been researching different types of plants for my future ten gallon but they all need different levels of light and I'm not sure what level my tank qualifies as. If its a ten gallon with a 14w t8 bulb what...
  4. pablothebetta

    Low Maintenance Tank Ideas And A Couple Of Current Problems

    As the title suggests, this topic has a couple of different parts so I wasn't quite sure where to place it - I hope here is appropriate. I've become rather busy recently and my tank is currently in a bit of a state. Plants are dying (java fern turns brown and leaves no longer grow large and...