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  1. K

    Fungus? And is Maracyn safe for Loaches and Snails?

    Hi, I have a 40 gallon freshwater tank with mollies, 3 dwarf gourami, mystery snails, cories, and a few kuhli loaches. I JUST transferred my gourami a few days ago after quarantining them as they're new. However I noticed that 2 of them have a bit of fungus (one on their tail fin and the other...
  2. K

    Black Kuhli Loaches- Sick or Stressed? Pls help!

    Hello, I have had 7 orange striped kuhli loaches for a little while now and decided to get 2 black ones from PetSmart to accompany them. After putting them in the tank I noticed that they seemed overly energetic, but its been going on all day to the point they seem erratic and I don't know how...
  3. A

    Dead harlequin- aggresive Yoyo loach

    Hi all, So recently i bought a few tetras and a yoyo loach from my local pet shop. They told me the loach was peaceful, but only sold me one(im getting some tank mates asap). I woke up this morning, and saw one of my harlequins that i have had for a while was lying dead on the floor, completely...