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    Lampeye fish 15 litre?

    Hi, I turned my 15 litre into a shrimp tank and while I was at a private aquatic store I saw beautiful lampeyes. I spoke to the lady at the store saying how I'm gutted I can't have fish as much as I love shrimp. She suggested I could house 3 max 4 lampeyes in my tank as long as I stayed on...
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    Norman Lampeyes - 5 Dead In 5 Days.

    Hi everyone,   I'm having some issues with my Norman Lampeyes and am looking for some advice.   I have a 30l tank - cycled and been up and running for around 14 months now. It has sand substrate, bogwood and live plants/moss in it. Water is kept at 24deg c and changed once a week (about 30%)...