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  1. P

    Black Molly stuck in labor?

    I have a black Molly fish that gave birth to only one fish last week. I am home all day and have been keeping an eye on her and I haven't seen any other fry. She is acting the same as she was right before she went into labor. She's either wagging her tail fast near the heater or swimming around...
  2. L

    Baby Guppies : pregnant guppy

    I have three female guppies, two look pregnant how can I tell which one is giving birth? We found one baby guppy in the tank and wondering also about how long will be between the birth of each guppy ?? Thanks !! Lowri
  3. B

    Please help! Platy will not give birth!

    Hello, I have had this mickey mouse platy for over a month and I bought her pregnant from the pet store (unbeknownst to me at the time). My roommate and I REALLY noticed how pregnant she looked Monday of last week. We have since went out and bought another 10 gallon tank to keep her in until...
  4. D

    Platy In Labor?

    My Mickey Mouse platy has this bulge at her anal fin that looks like undeveloped fry. It has been sticking out for 3 hours now. Will she drop any fry? I see many eyes in her belly. She is still eating well and running away from the other fish. Please advise. I've been sitting up watching her to...