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  1. satokira

    juvenile adf tank height?

    does anyone know what the max water level for a juvenile african dwarf frog is? i know about the 10-12 inches thing but i can never find anything that specifies if that goes for any size adf or only the larger ones i have a 20 long that i keep my two adult adfs in and the water level is about 9...
  2. N

    Poorly baby brittlenose

    I purchased 2 brittlenoses on Saturday from Pets at Home. One is very active the other (pictured) is very shy and hides away. Today I noticed golden barbs pecking at him while he was motionless on the gravel. I took him out of the tank and have now put him a newer tank with just minnows and...
  3. ACVoss

    Baby Piranha Loves to Float near Filter

    I have 2 40 G filters on my 35 G Aquarium to provide extra water circulation and current for my little gaffer. He’s still very small but has eaten half of the goldfish I got him from my local LFS. I’m just curious if anyone else whose raised piranhas from a juvenile stage has experienced this...
  4. AeonMapa

    Ebjd Journey!

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on here, and I hope to get a lot of support from you my fellow fishkeepers, and hope to be able to help you out as well   I just purchased a baby EBJD about a week ago. He's only 1" in length. Now I know that its recommended to get this particular fish a bit...