is it ich

  1. biofish

    I think my Cory Catfish has Velvet

    Hey guys! One of my green Cory catfish isn’t looking too hot. His fins are clamped and his over all appearance looks blurry. Like I can’t se the details in the scales like I can the others. It’s like trying through glasses that have a finger print. I don’t see any gold flecks but the blurry...
  2. O

    Ich or not

    Hello all, so I'm fairly new to the hobby but have put a lot of effort into learning as much as I could. I have 6 gal nano tank where I've had seven cardinal tetras and 2 otocinclus for about 3 months now. I realized this tank was to small so I bought a 20 gal. I cycled the 20 gal for 2 weeks...