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  1. S

    Peacock ID?

    I got this peacock from my LFS, any idea on what type it might be?
  2. Laurenell

    Identifying my Cichlid

    Hey All I’m trying to identify what type of Geophagus Cichlids this is? Can anyone help?
  3. G

    Anyone have an idea what species this guy is?

    Girlfriend came home with a new fish for my 80 gallon cichlid tank and all she know is it was labeled a convict cichlid and I got another convict (black and blue variety) a few weeks ago that the pet store claimed was in the same batch as this guy. Let me know what im in for please!! Thanks
  4. Guyb93

    Something doesn’t seem right to me

    My geophagus have arrived a week later because of some made up reason that I can’t seem to remember but I finally have them but something seems fishy pardon the pun I bought 3 they all arrived looking the same yeasterday put them in all good , today they hve lost there stress colours and are...
  5. mikerawr

    I Don't Know What Fish I Have.

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and a beginner at keeping fish. I've had a tank for a year now and I've made numerous additions and deletions to the flora throughout this time. However, I've had pretty much the same fish for this entire time. I started with some tetras and my friend put some...