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  1. R84achey

    Gravel help!!!

    Hi Guys & Gals, So my gravel has arrived it’s been thoroughly rinsed. However I have only added 15kg so far and to me it looks like enough. However when checking the calculators etc it’s saying I need at least 25kg? What do you think? Should I open the other bag or is it enough? Ignore the...
  2. Cameronb_01

    Discus Fry Feeding

    Hi Guys, My discus have successfully spawned and created 20 wrigglers, (pic attached): I estimate they will be free swimming within around 24 hours. I just had a few questions regarding feeding. How much baby brine shrimp should I buy to feed them? How much should I give them per feed? How...
  3. NeonTetra97

    How Much And How Often Do You Feed Your Fish?

    I asked this question to the staff at my LFS and was told to feed my fish twice a day but some places on the internet suggest every other day, once a week, in fact wherever i look i find something different! So, my question is how often do you feed your fish and roughly how much. Secondly in...