high nitrites

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  1. Sparklehoofs

    At my wits end with this cycle? Desperately need advice please.

    Hi, I am cycling my sump for my Betta rack system. I am using the API Freshwater Kit. I shake the living daylights out of all the bottles before use to avoid the crystallisation. I have cycled 5 tanks previous to this with the fish food method and had no issues whatsoever. This time I decided...
  2. Linkandnavi

    Sudden Nitrite (not Nitrate) in Tap Water

    Afternoon all, Living in South East London, I've traditionally battled high nitrate levels in my tap water. Today though, I have a rather different issue. Having just filled a 200 litre bucket ready for tomorrow's water change on my 200 gallon, I dipped a test strip in. When testing my tanks I...
  3. Jan Cavalieri

    Two water changes, numbers remain unchanged - killed my Betta

    I received 12 chili raspbora Fry yesterday - I had ordered 4 but they sent 12, but they are all just barely coming out of Fry age. There had been quite a delay because their other Chili Rasboras were showing signs of fin rot so they weren't going to send those, so I really didn't know when to...
  4. S

    Nitrites Spike every water change - Any help would be amazing!

    Hi Friends I'm new to the forum, and excuse me please for skipping out on the introduction, but I've got a bit of an urgent problem I really need some help with. If you could read through and give me some advice, I'd truly appreciate it. First, I'll cut to the facts of my set-up: Tank - 21...
  5. K

    New Red Spot Severum gasping, high levels

    If anyone can read about our situation and give advice we would be so grateful! We are new to the aquarium world, but our problem has stumped even the girl at the fish room who seems to know everything. We have a 20 gallon tank and 2 weeks ago we put in it a Red Spotted Severum (3 or 4 inches...
  6. V

    problems with cycling & some questions

    I have had fish before, my dad kept fish, and I kept fish from the lates 80s until 2002. have never cycled a fish tank before. When I was fish keeping previously, the general advice was to start with hardy fish, and add them gradually. Once I had a tank established, I used the water from one...