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  1. Freshyfishy

    What I feed, is it the best?

    Hello, I was wondering if my feeding schedule for my fish is the best one. I currently have a 85 gallon aquarium that houses (soon to be more) : - 10 Glofish tetras - 1 swordtail - 1 lyertail - 2 platies - 16 guppies - 1 cory (I know already, and i'm working on getting the $$) - 6 neon tetras...
  2. MollyMan1

    Plants Identification

    Recently I have found out that 5/6 plants in my 5 gallon are java ferns. Currently they are planted in the substrate. I have realized that is bad and I am changing it later. There is one last plants that (I think) is different. Anyone know what it is? The one right inbetween the two "rocks"...
  3. S

    African clawed frog

    Hello. I have recently gotten 2 clawed frogs. But i cant figure out what the appropriate size gravel should be, since they showel their food in so aggresively they might accidentally eat a couple of rocks. Does anyone know how big the Gravel has to be? Would appreciate the help