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  1. JackieP

    What tank heater should I buy?

    I’ve had my fish tank since August and I’ve been able to avoid getting a heater since I live in Florida. Now it’s going to start getting in the 50s and I really don’t want my water to get cold. I have a 5.5 gallon tank for my betta fish. What heater should I buy? I’m scared because a lot of...
  2. R

    heater not working? how to switch new one etc? help!

    Hi there, i recently set up a tank (28litre) and was advised by many to get a 25w heater. bought one that seemed to have mostly good reviews. Waited till tank was about 24/25 and got some fish yesterday, 3 guppies for now. woke up this morning and the thermometer reads 23.5 degrees... tested...