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  1. R

    Air stone in HOB filter?

    I have a 10 gallon fish tank that I’m setting up. Who would’ve thought, I got a white hair algae problem. There’s a lot of white Hair algae in the HOB filter, I take apart the pump and clean it every three days. Well, I’m tired of it! I got frustrated enough that I just plopped an Airstone into...
  2. cjb140

    White Hair Algae

    my tanks about a month old now and has had fish in it for about 2 weeks its 120 litres contains 1 betta, 3 gold barb, 3 cherry barb, 3 bristlenose catfish and 5 assassin snails. The bristlenose catfish are newly acquired so they have started to do some damage to the algae that is on the glass...